First-party YouTube creator insights has released best-in-class insights for YouTube creator campaigns! You can access first-party data on creator profiles and Reporting to choose the right creators, as well as accurately report on campaigns. 

With these new improvements, it means that you can run campaigns across Instagram and Youtube in one platform effectively. You’ll be able to use first-party data to choose the right creators, automatically receive content when it goes live, and see the results appear in your Reporting dashboard in real-time. 

New and improved YouTube creator insights

Here’s what the feature will enable you to do:

Access first-party data for accurate and reliable insights

Skip the guesswork and stop making decisions based on inaccurate estimates. All data on creators’ profiles, such as audience demographics, come directly from YouTube via the YouTube Data API. So you can choose creators who’ll deliver results.

Increase efficiency with automated Reporting

Not enough time in the day to report on campaigns? No problem. With Reporting, results will be automatically and accurately tracked in real-time, so you don’t need to spend time in spreadsheets. All you need to do is to hit export at the end of the campaign to share the results!

Want to learn how to use these features to launch successful YouTube campaigns? Book a demo here! 

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