As the influencer marketing industry continues to grow, there’s also an increasing demand for structure, reliable data, and transparency. The collaboration between agencies, talent agencies, and technology platforms is becoming significant for the industry to further develop.

“The collaboration between us ensures efficient execution from strategy to implementation. It also provides a unique opportunity to share knowledge and insights across parties. It reduces the gap between the various players, which benefits both us and our customers, ” says Anine Andrea Namork, Performance Advisor at TRY Opt.

This year, media agency TRY Opt went into a partnership with Anine Namork believes that a collaboration between the industry leaders is positive for their customers. They’ve already worked with profiles from talent agencies such as Max Social, Nordic Screens, and Splay through

“As an agency, our job is to create the best possible results for our customers, and help them achieve their goals. To manage this, we depend on expertise and close collaboration with all players in the industry. Working together ensures that our customers always have the latest insights and knowledge, that the decisions made for our customers are well-thought-out, and that there’s a solid strategy in place, ” she continues.

TRY Opt at – Photo credit: Kai Chen

The Schibsted-owned influencer network Max Social collaborates closely with They represent profiles such as Stian Blipp, Emilie Nereng, Morten Hegseth, Vegard Harm, Norway Jodel, and Oskar Westerlin.

“With Max Social, we’ve created a business model focusing on the distribution of communication. Together with, we offer our customers a transparent buying process with reliable data and an analytics tool that optimizes our customer’s investment,” says Marte Schei, CEO of Max Social. and Max Social are aiming to provide customers the optimal customer journey by combining the best from two professional eco-systems. 

“Together, we offer transparency and accuracy with a flexible tech platform that’s continuously developing according to the market’s needs, in combination with a human touch and personalized support.” she concludes.

Nordic Screens was the first talent agency to enter into a collaboration with back in 2019. Since then, more than 20 Norwegian talent agencies have chosen to make their profiles available on the platform.

“We aren’t competitors, but complementary services that create value on both sides. Through, talent agencies are getting access to accurate data, and their profiles have the opportunity to receive more brand collaborations. On our side, we get some of the biggest talents and celebrities for our customers and agency partners,” says Evan Thoresen, Talent Agency Manager at

Last year, Nordic Screens gathered all their commercial activities under simpl. Today, they represent well-known profiles such as Snillegucci, Lena Rømo, and Øyunn Krogh, as well as artist Ingeborg Walther, showman Egil Skurdal, and comedian Hallvard Dyrnes. In a short time, simpl has become an entertainment universe on YouTube and Snapchat. Some of the programs they produce are “Parodiduellen” with Hasse Hope, and “Hva tenker du om?,” where Norwegian celebrities share their thoughts on various topics. 

“ complements our work by offering a tool that makes it efficient to collect updated and accurate data. In addition, we work together on several exciting campaigns that are specifically suited to our profiles. Together, we can help make the industry more transparent, results-oriented, and forward-leaning, ” says Karoline Smådal, Talent Manager at simpl.

 The CEO of simpl, Lars Hansen, also agrees that the collaboration between agencies, technology platforms, and talent agencies is positive for the further development of the industry.

“As a link between brands and profiles, we believe that transparency and insight at all levels are crucial for the further growth of advertising on social media,” he says. 

With first-party data, users can access accurate and reliable insights and results from influencers through YouTube and Instagram APIs.

“Running influencer campaigns is extensive. We’re working with people who communicate on behalf of the brand. This means that we always ensure we have good knowledge about the profiles before we start working with them,” concludes Anine Andrea Namork, TRY Opt.

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