Upgrading to a Business account will optimize your performance as a content creator and increase your likelihood of collaborating with more brands. You’ll get access to Insights, which you can use to grow your audience based off analysis, rather than a ‘gut feeling.’

Here are the benefits of having an Instagram Business account:

Posting relevant content

With a Business account, you’ll get essential data that you can use to evaluate your posts’ performance. Using this information will help you build up your following, improve the engagement of your posts and stories, and gauge your account’s success.

You’ll be able to access key metrics – impressions, reach, profile visits, and link clicks – in real-time. This will help you determine how your followers are interacting with your posts and profile.

If you notice a certain type of post is receiving more engagement than others, post more of that content to see if people continue liking it. Good engagement will increase your posts’ visibility, and you’ll be able to reach people who don’t follow your account. If they like what they see, they may choose to follow you for similar posts.

When you know what type of posts your audience wants to see, you’ll be able to create more relevant content that will resonate well with your followers.

Scheduling posts

A Business account will also provide you with insights into your followers’ most active times of the day, which will help you understand when you should be posting content. You’ll be able to tailor your posting schedule to maximize your reach and engagement (comments & likes). Remember, brands don’t work with you solely based off your follower size. They want to see what portion of your audience actually sees your content (reach), and whether they’re engaging with the content you post.

Collaborating with the right brands

You’ll also be able to view your followers’ demographics – their cities, country, age, and gender. With these insights, you’ll be able to collaborate with brands that are relevant to your audience which, in turn, will benefit the brands you choose to work with.

Brands want to share their message with an audience they know would likely be interested in their brand. This means they want to target people who: (1) live in a location where their products are available, (2) have an interest in the products they’re selling, (3) are within an age group that would use their products.

For instance, a sports brand that has stores in the UK will want to target a UK based audience who is interested in sports. If you know that the majority of your audience are active people based in the UK, you can use this information to pitch brands in your messages in Discover Brands on inzpire.me. You should also add your demographics in the About on your inzpire.me profile, so it’ll be easier for our brands to select you for relevant campaigns.

Adding swipe up links

If you have a Business account and a minimum of 10,000 followers, you’ll be able to add swipe up links to your stories and direct followers to visit a brand’s link seamlessly. You’ll also make it easy for your followers to, for example, shop your looks or take advantage of discounts with 1 click. This feature will bring added value to your collaborations.

Accessing past stories

Normal Instagram users will have access to stories for a 24 hour period, but those with a Business account can access their stories for 14 days. You can use past insights to understand how your stories are performing by tracking and comparing their reach and impressions. You’ll also be able to download stories and send them to brands after they’ve become inactive.

Having a Business account won’t affect your reach

Some users delay upgrading their Instagram because they believe having a Business account affects their reach. This has been proven to be false by Instagram. What your followers see on their Instagram feed is affected by:

1) Interest: How much Instagram thinks your followers care about your post.

2) Recency: How recent your post was published.

3) Relationship: How close your followers are to you. This is determined by their past engagement (like, share, etc.) with your posts.

4) Frequency: How often your followers visit Instagram. Instagram will try to show them the best posts since the last time they visited.

5) Following: How many people your audience follows. They might see less of your content if they follow many people.

6) Usage: How long your followers spend on Instagram. If they spend less time on Instagram, they will only see the best posts on their feed. If they spend more time, they’ll see more content.

You can read about more other myths and theories here.

Switching to a Business Account

Upgrading to a Business account is a simple process, and it’s free!

1. Go to your profile and click Settings

2. Click Switch to Business Profile

3. Connect a Facebook Page (you should be an admin) and tap Next

4. Add Categories and Business contact details

5. You’re set!


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