Here’s why businesses struggle with influencer marketing:

For influencer marketing to be effective for your business, you need dedicated people working with influencers on a day-to-day basis.

They need to come up with creative campaign concepts that pop in a social media feed. They need to know how to find the right influencers to work with, to ensure you reach your target audience. They need to be great at administration and communication tasks for collaborations to run smoothly — from writing campaign briefs and shipping products, to checking for quality content and paying influencers.

And on top of that, they need to have the skills to price influencers and build relationships with them, as well as dig into different campaign metrics to understand what’s going on and report back to their team.

So, there’s quite a few tasks and skills you need your team to have in order to handle the ins and outs of influencer marketing for your business.

But what we see most businesses do is shift influencer marketing responsibilities to their existing social media or marketing teams. And because they already have their daily tasks to work through, it can be challenging for them to set aside enough time for influencer marketing.

This leads to them either never starting any campaigns, or them testing small campaigns with just a couple influencers, which won’t have much impact on your business.

Hiring Influencer Marketing Managers can turn that around!

Below, you’ll get our learnings from growing our Influencer Marketing team from the ground up to a team of 10. You’ll learn how to write a job description to find the perfect Influencer Marketing Manager, including the types of responsibilities they should have, as well as the skills and experience to look for.

How to write an Influencer Marketing Manager job description

If you’re hiring your first Influencer Marketing Manager, it can be challenging to figure out what candidates should be responsible for, or the types of skills and experience they should have to do them well. So what do you need to include in your job description?

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Let’s start with the responsibilities!

What responsibilities should an Influencer Marketing Manager have?

The candidates you hire for this position will own every aspect of campaign management for your business, from start to finish. That means their day-to-day responsibilities will revolve around 3 core categories: planning, running, and reporting on campaigns.

Here, you’ll find some of the most important responsibilities our Influencer Marketing team has, which you should include in your job description:

Planning campaigns

  • Come up with creative concepts and turn them into campaign strategies that will make our business stand out in social media.
  • Keep up-to-date on the latest social media trends and news and find opportunities to leverage them in campaigns.
  • Collaborate with the wider digital marketing team to align on upcoming marketing initiatives and work together to execute them.

Running campaigns

  • Find relevant influencers by having a good grasp of our branding and target audience.
  • Write clear briefs that clearly communicate campaign concepts, goals, and requirements to influencers.
  • Work within a budget by negotiating fees and content usage rights with influencers effectively.
  • Maintain communication with influencers throughout campaigns. Be their first point of contact, keep them updated, troubleshootany issues, and ensure they fulfill the campaign requirements on time.
  • Work with an influencer marketing platform and on social media channels daily to manage campaigns.
  • Nurture relationships with influencers to ensure long-term collaborations.

Reporting on campaigns

  • Collect and download all content influencers create in campaigns to reuse in our social media or other marketing campaigns.
  • Gather and analyze campaign data to share with the team and inform new campaigns.

What skills and experience should an Influencer Marketing Manager have?

To execute the responsibilities mentioned above, there are specific skills and experience Influencer Marketing Managers should have. From our hiring process, we’ve learned that the most successful candidates are:

Relationship builders and communicators

Influencer marketing isn’t just transactional — it’s important to develop relationships with influencers you want to work with on a long- term basis. That means your Influencer Marketing Managers need to be good at verbal and written communication!

A numbers person

In addition to communication skills, Influencer Marketing Managers need to know their way around numbers. They’ll have to gather data from campaigns, and be confident in analyzing how they went.

Project managers

Influencer Marketing Managers will have to work with budgets, meet deadlines, run multiple collaborations or campaigns, and ensure ROI for your business. For this to happen, candidates must manage their tasks effectively, prioritize ruthlessly, and keep their campaigns moving forward.


Candidates should be comfortable taking ownership of their campaigns to push them forward. Sometimes, they’ll have short deadlines they’ll need to work around, or demands they need to meet in campaigns. If they’re able to make decisions quickly under pressure, campaigns will go more smoothly!


Influencer Marketing Managers have to pay close attention to their campaigns. They need to ensure influencers fulfill every campaign requirement, by checking whether they adhered to local marketing laws or created quality content. You’ll want candidates who are thorough, to ensure collaborations go without a hitch!


Coming up with standout campaign concepts requires creative thinking. Candidates should be able to think of out-of-the-box ideas, and be willing to openly share them with the wider team.

Team players

Even though Influencer Marketing Managers will be autonomous when it comes to running campaigns, they’ll still need to collaborate with others. Candidates should be willing to share any ideas they have, communicate openly about what they’re doing, and discuss them with the team.

Experienced in influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing Managers don’t necessarily need to have years of experience to be successful. After all, the industry is only a few years old! But for them to get up to speed quickly, they should know how to manage influencer marketing campaigns, and have knowledge of digital marketing.

Hiring questions and exercises to ask candidates

It can be pretty hard to tell if candidates are a fit for a role on paper.

So when you’re trying to hire Influencer Marketing Managers that fulfill the requirements above, you need to ask them the right questions and exercises during the interview process.

After testing several of them in our interviews, we’ve landed on 3 questions and 2 exercises that you should ask every potential candidate. They’ll help you understand whether they’re a good fit for the position.


  • How would you approach our influencer marketing strategy?
  • What 3 businesses do you think are doing great influencer marketing and why?
  • Can you share your best-performing campaign, where you’ve been involved from conception to execution?


  • Send candidates a mock email requesting an influencer marketing campaign. The email should contain a short summary detailing your budget and goal. Ask them to draft a creative campaign brief for influencers based on the guidelines you provide.This is an effective way to understand if candidates are skilled at writing, detail-oriented, and able to create a campaign concept tailored to a goal.
  • Create a difficult scenario where the candidates have to deal with an influencer who has posted poor quality content. Ask them to draft an email to the influencer to help resolve the issue. You’ll be able to see whether the candidates have good problem-solving and communication skills.

Final thoughts

Running influencer marketing campaigns requires a variety of skills and experience. And to be successful with influencers, your business should have a dedicated resource to run campaigns. It’ll ensure your campaigns get off the ground and deliver results that positively impact your business.

By having a clear idea of the types of responsibilities and skills an Influencer Marketing Manager should have, you’ll be able to write a job description that will get you great candidates for the position!

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