Sometimes, content creators can feel stuck on where to get started with brand collaborations. To help, we’re sharing our insights on how you can approach your sponsored posts after getting booking requests – from preparation to execution. We’re also highlighting 3 collaborations from our previous campaigns!

Review the collaboration fit

When you start preparing for your sponsored collaborations, it’s important to first clarify the brand’s wishes. Be sure to go through the campaign brief thoroughly. This is the time to ask questions or negotiate any details of the campaign. Taking adequate time to review the brief can help you avoid making content the brand doesn’t approve of.

We recommend reviewing any deadlines for the collaborations to see if you have enough time to complete the content. Delivering your collaborations late can jeopardize your reliability. If your photo or video requires editing, don’t forget to take into account how much time this step will take. Be sure to use a tool such as Instasize (ios/Android) to speed up the editing process for you! It’s also important to factor in enough time to submit your content for approval if needed.

You should also review the goals of the campaign. Understanding why brands are looking for a partner and what they’re trying to achieve is the foundation of a successful collaboration. You’ll be able to create content that will help them reach their goals, and it’ll open up the possibility for future collaborations.

Be sure to consider any resources, such as the brand’s products, that you might need for the content. Reflect if the budget covers the expenses. You should feel that you’re being paid fairly for the time, effort, and resources you put into the collaboration.

Lastly, when you’re reviewing the brief, take a step back and consider if the campaign is a natural fit for your profile and would interest your followers. A crucial aspect of influencer marketing is authenticity – the partnership between you and a brand needs to feel natural to your audience.

Generate Ideas

After reviewing the brief and accepting the brand’s request to collaborate, it’s time to look for inspiration! This is the time to reflect on what settings feel natural for the product and how you can organically connect with the brand. To get some ideas, you can even look to other creators for inspiration. However, it’s important to remember to give credit if you’re directly influenced by someone’s work.

As you’re searching for inspiration, keep the Dos and Don’ts listed in the campaign brief mind. The Dos and Don’ts are the nonnegotiables in a collaboration. They’re there to help you create content that will meet the brand’s expectations. For instance, some briefs include alcohol as a Don’t because many countries have laws against advertising to minors.

Storytelling is an important aspect of content creation. When you’re brainstorming, reflect on what message you want to convey to your audience. Be sure to share your honest opinion about the brand. Personal reviews that relate to your personal experiences will feel more authentic to your audience.

Execute the plan

The final stage of the creative process is to execute your plan and create your idea!

To ensure you’ve successfully completed your work, ask yourself:

  • Is your content authentic?
  • Does it reflect well on the brand?
  • Have I properly disclosed the content as sponsored?
  • Have I used all the correct hashtags and tagged the correct brand account?
  • Is the caption engaging?
  • Are there any spelling errors?
  • Did you meet in all the brand’s talking points?

Let’s talk to the experts.

We asked our Customer Success Team to share three collaborations that were high-quality and creatively satisfied the brief.

Penta Hotels

The Brief: 

Inform your followers about the Penta Lounge and encourage them to join the Penta community!

The Goals:

  • Generate awareness about the Penta Lounge
  • Encourage your audience to go to the Penta Lounge
  • Create high-quality content


View this post on Instagram


• Happy Friday • DE🇩🇪/RU🇷🇺👇🏻 ⠀ |Werbung| Friday – Funday? Nein, diese Woche hatten wir eine Menge Spaß am Donnerstag😃 ⠀ Jeden Donnerstag 18-19 Uhr gibt es Happy Hour bei allen @pentahotels in Europa. Es gibt 30% auf alle Getränke und Gerichte🍲🍝🍕🥂🍾 ⠀ Wir waren bei @pentahotel_wiesbaden und haben unseren Aufenthalt sehr genossen, alles war ausgezeichnet🌟✨ #pentaoclock #pentahotels ________________________________________ Наш вчерашний романтик прошёл просто чудесно – коктейли, вкусная еда и приветливый персонал🧡 Ещё и на Happy Hour попали☺️ Я поняла, что для отдыха иногда даже ехать далеко не нужно – достаточно смены обстановки👌🏼 Один минус – с утра пришлось встать в 6, ведь работа зовёт🙈 Но ничего, завтра снова выходные😍 ⠀ ❓Кстати, у кого какие планы❓ ⠀

A post shared by D A R I A • Travel • Lifestyle (@purpurdaria) on

“This post is a great example of storytelling. The message, visit the Penta Lounge, was communicated through a balanced combination of high-quality visual content and a carefully drafted caption to catch the attention of her audience. I love the way the photo is taken, as she captures how comfortable and cozy the Penta Lounge is to guests.”

– Migle, Customer Success Manager

The Brief:

Show a behind-the-scenes look into how you create your Instagram content and how having a tool like is helpful to manage your campaigns.

The Goals:

  • Raise awareness about
  • Encourage your followers, who may also be creators, to sign up to
  • Create high-quality content

“Maria’s post for this collaboration feels original and personal – it fits perfectly into her usual feed. Her followers want to know what she thinks about the product and what she likes about it. This creator also uses an anecdote to explain how easy it is working with and she was able to visualize it in her content. She ties her picture and caption to the core message that wanted to share.”

– Emilia, Customer Success Manager


The Brief:

Show how you would enjoy Friggs Chia seed and sea salt corn cakes as an everyday healthy snack (mellommåltid). The content should be captured in situations where it’s relevant to eat Frigg’s corn cakes.

The Goals:

  • Increase awareness about Friggs
  • Share why they are a great choice for a healthy snack (mellommåltid)
  • Create high-quality content

“Julie Bjanes did an excellent job at following the brief and making it her own. Every single goal was achieved through her caption and her image while keeping the post very natural to her profile. For example, “Situations where it is relevant to eat Frigg’s corn cakes.” Julie is constantly outdoors (just check out her profile!), so for this collaboration, she took Frigg’s corn cakes on a hike and captured herself in a context that was not only relevant to her profile but also relevant for the brand!”

– Alex, Customer Success Manager

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