A creator's profile showing Audience Demographics. including Age, Location, and Gender.

The key to launching successful collaborations is finding influencers who are the right fit to work with. With Insights, it’ll now be easier for you to identify relevant creators who: (1) have followers in your target audience, (2) match your brand personality and tone-of-voice, and (3) publish posts that relate to your brand. 

Here’s how:

Audience Demographics

To target potential consumers, it’s crucial that the creators you collaborate with have followers who would be interested in your brand and products. 

With the creators’ demographic data, which includes their audience’s location, age, and gender, you’ll be able to reach the right audience and deliver impactful influencer marketing campaigns.

A creator's Audience Demographics, which includes data on location, gender, and age.

Personality Traits Analysis

Creators who share common values with your brand will create sponsored content that fits seamlessly into their social media channels — their brand promotions will be perceived as more authentic and trustworthy. 

You’ll have access to our personality traits analysis feature, powered by IBM Watson, to help you find creators that match your brand personality and tone-of-voice. When you and creators sign up to inzpire.me, both of your Instagram profiles are analyzed for personality traits. The results of the analysis will be placed on a scale, along with a match score. A high match score indicates that the creator is compatible with your brand.

A scale showing the brand and creator's Personality Traits Analysis, along with a match score.

Top Hashtags & Mentions

Creators who are a good match for your brand should typically post content that relates to the industry you’re in. This is another way to ensure their brand promotions don’t look out of place on their social media channels.

To quickly review what the creators typically post about, you can view the top hashtags and mentions creators use when they publish content. This will also give you an idea of who they might have collaborated with in the past.

The Top Hashtags & Mentions the creators uses on social media is shown in a list.

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