What’s happened?

Back in April, Instagram announced they would start testing an update that hid the likes posts received. They implemented this change so that users would focus on the content that was being shared, rather than the content’s likes. Instagram initially rolled out the update to users in Canada, but they’ve now expanded it to Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand. Users will still be able to view their own Instagram likes. 

What does this mean for influencer marketing? 

Instagram’s update will have a positive impact on influencer marketing. Here’s how: 

It’ll result in more authentic content. 

The need to generate likes on Instagram affects what creators choose to publish. They may share posts they know are trending, would typically generate the most engagement, or are over-staged and flawless. If their posts are unsuccessful in generating likes, the creators may end up deleting or archiving their posts.

With Instagram’s update, creators will be encouraged to place less value on likes. Because likes will only be visible to them, creators may be inspired to create quality, authentic content that’s more aligned with their actual interests, instead of focusing on creating content solely for engagement.

Users will be less tempted to purchase fake likes.

Some creators feel pressured to get as many likes as possible on their Instagram posts. They may resort to purchasing fake likes, joining Instagram pods, or participating in like-for-like programs to artificially inflate their engagement. 

Because likes are hidden, creators will no longer be able to compare their engagement with other users, and they’ll be less pressured to chase after likes to compete with them.

Brands will need to consider other factors when determining who to work with.

Engagement is a big factor brands consider when selecting creators to collaborate with. Brands have previously viewed it as a metric that demonstrates how successful creators are in connecting with their followers. But it shouldn’t be the only factor that’s taken into account! 

With this update, brands will put greater emphasis on other important factors, such as audience demographics, to determine how relevant creators will be for collaborations. These metrics are already provided on influencer marketing platforms like inzpire.me. In addition to audience demographics, we provide brands with other tools, such as the Personality Traits Analysis feature, which analyzes how well-matched a creator’s personality and tone of voice is to a brand’s. 


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