Brands value their partnerships with you because you’re able to craft authentic content of their products in a natural environment. They depend on you to humanize their brand and showcase their products beyond the professional studio setting.

Most brands know that the key to a successful collaboration is to give you creative freedom. If you’re granted full creative freedom, be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to produce unique, high-quality content. This will impress brands and may lead to repeated collaborations!

Here is how you can succeed with 4 types of collaborations:

Collaborations with food & drink brands

When food & drink brands collaborate with creators, their goal is usually to educate consumers about the look and taste of their products. To successfully spread that message, it’s important that you focus on why you enjoy the taste of the brand’s product in your caption. You can capture yourself:

  • Enjoying the product after an activity
  • Cooking a meal with the product
  • Sharing the product with friends
  • Taste test different flavors of the product
  • Shopping for the product at a local supermarket



Pro Tip: If you’re posing with a bottle in your hand, be sure that the label is visible and uncovered!

Collaborations with beauty brands

Collaborating with a beauty brand requires creators to consider all the fine details in a photo, as makeup products are typically small in size. Beauty brands are also excited for you to photograph the product while testing it. You can take photos and videos of yourself:

  • Giving tips to your followers on how to use the product
  • Hydrating with a lotion or body cream while traveling
  • Trying out a new, bold makeup look with the product
  • Capturing how a perfume scent makes you feel
  • Getting ready for a night out with friends



Pro Tip: Video tutorials are a great way to share makeup tips with your audience and showcase a product.

Collaborations with apparel brands

Apparel brands choose to collaborate with you because your personal style complements the brand’s clothing collection. Because of this, it’s important to capture yourself wearing and reviewing the brands’ products. Apparel collaborations are exciting to create content for because there are many settings you can take your photos in. You can create content by:

  • Using graffiti or city murals to bring a pop of color to your background
  • Styling yourself and attending local community events, like farmers’ markets or concerts
  • Traveling in airport terminals or metro stations en route to a destination
  • Shopping in the brand’s store for your favorite item
  • Giving recommendations on how to style the brand’s newest collection



Pro Tip: Apparel collaborations are a great way to show motion and activity! Capture yourself doing an activity, like playing a sport for sporting brands or attending events for high fashion brands.

Collaborations with technology & app brands

When you collaborate with technology & app brands, the content can be more difficult to craft. It may be hard to capture an app on a phone screen or desktop in a photograph. In these collaborations, try thinking of settings you’d typically use your phone or laptop. You can try:

  • Utilizing the app while commuting
  • Working on your laptop in a local coffee shop
  • Sharing how the app is helpful to you
  • Playing games with your friends and challenging them to beat your score
  • Creating a tutorial on how to use the app



Pro Tip: If you’re required to show the app interface on a phone screen for your collaboration, consider using the multiple photos feature on Instagram. Your first photo can be of you using the app, and the second can be a photo of the app on your phone. This way, you can keep your photos personal while simultaneously educating your followers about the app.

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