Can you make a living from Instagram likes? And what effect do those likes have on your mental health? Are influencers thinking ethically? And do they worry about the rise of the machines taking their jobs?

In the most extensive review of influencer attitudes to date, we are presenting #WhitePaper – a full report on the state of influencing going into the new decade.

Based on data from 10,000 content creators and influencers, more than 400 businesses globally, 12,000 pieces of content, and responses from 350 global influencers with a combined follower reach of 9,455,750 people – #WhitePaper is looking to lift the lid on influencer marketing. 

Marie Mostad, Co-Founder and COO, comments: “Many talk about our industry as though it’s witchcraft. For those who didn’t grow up with platforms such as Instagram, it can be hard to quantify. Many people don’t understand the marketing potential available. For that reason, we wanted to shine the spotlight on our industry. It’s a sector that is constantly discussed, often debated or misunderstood, but can no longer be ignored. ”

Key Findings

  • The average age of an influencer is 28 years old and the majority (77%) are female
  • 42,575 Instagram followers is enough for an influencer to earn the average UK salary
  • Over two thirds of influencers are turning down certain branded work (i.e. posts paid-for by a company) ‘for ethical reasons’
  • A quarter of influencers feel their parents ‘don’t understand’ what they do for a living
  • 71% of influencers are educated to undergraduate level or higher

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