Develop long-lasting relationships with brands and increase your chances of being booked again with these 5 tips! You should keep them in mind when working with brands to ensure you have successful collaborations that run smoothly.

1. Act professionally

When you agree to collaborate with brands, you’re entering a business arrangement, so it’s important that you communicate and act professionally. This can be done in a number of ways, including:

  • Being transparent with a brand when you’re unable to complete a collaboration due to, for instance, illness. The brand should be updated if something comes up as soon as possible, so they can anticipate next steps and work together with you to find a solution. Remember, once booking requests are accepted on, they can’t be cancelled unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Replying to messages and emails in a timely manner. The communication between you and brands is critical to launching smooth and effective campaigns. When communication is consistent, the brand will have confidence in your ability to complete the collaboration.
  • Acting proactively during the collaboration. Provide brands with the content and metrics (reach, impressions, video views, etc.) they require without being prompted to do so. This will save brands time, which shows them that you care for the partnership and have their best interest in mind. You’ll also receive your payment more quickly, as booking requests can be completed sooner.  
  • Showing flexibility. Brands do everything they can to ensure campaigns run smoothly, but sometimes, there will be some hiccups along the way. Being flexible with the needs of the brands will show them that you’ll go the extra mile to ensure a successful collaboration. This can result in a great review, and brands may be more open to collaborating with you in the future.

2. Read the brief carefully

It’s important that you read through the brief carefully before accepting a booking request. If you have any questions, you should send the brand a message as soon as possible! Booking requests will expire automatically if you do not respond to them within 7 days.

When you accept a booking request, you’re entering a binding agreement with the brand, and you’ll be expected to complete all the tasks that are specified within the brief. When tasks are left incomplete, or if they’re completed wrongly, you may damage the brand’s image. Additionally, you may not receive payment for the collaboration, as you haven’t fulfilled your end of the agreement.

3. Create thoughtful, quality content

Create content that will reflect well on brands, and their products and services. When you publish images and videos, you can maintain your distinct style, but be sure that the main focus is on the brands’ product or service. You should also write a caption that explains what value the product or service will bring to your followers in a personal and authentic way.

The best kinds of content are the ones brands will be thrilled to reuse on their social media, ads, emails, or website because they are thoughtful, creative, and genuine. Imagine how great it would be for your content to be featured by brands you know and love!

4. Be authentic

One of the most essential aspects of influencer marketing is authenticity, so be sure to let brands know if their products or services do not suit your social media profiles. Remember, your audience follows you because of your personality, content, and style. When you collaborate with brands that are not aligned with your values or interests, it’ll be easy for them to spot you’ll risk damaging your credibility.

5. Share constructive feedback

Lastly, provide constructive feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, to brands after your collaborations. There’s always room for improvements, but changes can only be implemented when we, or the brands, know how you felt about the process!


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