When Mother’s Day and Father’s Day comes around, consumers are given the opportunity to celebrate their parents, grandparents, or other important figures in their lives! Consumers will be searching for gifts to give their parents and express their appreciation.

To create an emotional connection with potential consumers, here are some campaign ideas to inspire your marketing activities!

Be sincere

Your campaign should focus on the meaningful relationships between parents and their children. It will likely resonate with everyone. Collaborating with creators to publish videos is a great way to share genuine, behind-the-scenes family moments, and potential consumers will respond positively towards it. To highlight these relationships, creators can:

  • Publish Instagram Stories of them buying a gift or planning an activity for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day
  • Document an unexpected journey to their parent’s home
  • Film a surprise breakfast for their parents in bed
  • Capture themselves preparing a family picnic with their parents and grandparents
  • Arrange a DIY at-home spa day to pamper their parents

Be inspiring

Consumers will be searching for gift ideas for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. To help with their shopping dilemma, you can collaborate with creators to share gift guides that feature their favorite products or experiences from your brand. To inspire gift ideas, you can partner with creators to:

  • Host an Instagram Takeover, where mommy and daddy creators can share their favorite gifts from your brand
  • Publish content showcasing a variety of products from your brand, which you can add shopping links to before reusing it on Instagram
  • Share a treat or cooking recipe their audience can use to surprise their parents with
  • Create how-to videos so their audience can make their own gifts or cards
  • Share a video showcasing an experience they will gift their parents, such a spa, movie theater, or restaurant

Be interactive

Hosting competitions is a great way to interact with an audience, boost engagement, and expose your brand to potential consumers. It’s also an opportunity for you to gain user-generated content (UGC) you can reuse for your social media, emails, and webpages. You can partner up with creators to either: (1) host the competition or (2) spread the word about a competition you’re hosting.

In the competition, creators can encourage their audience to:

  • Share their favorite things about their parents in the comment field
  • Recreate a picture they took with their parents from their childhood
  • Share a #momconfession or #dadconfession
  • Publish throwback pictures of their parents, in their best retro fashion looks
  • Post a picture or video of the most thoughtful Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift they’ve received

The winner of the contest can be awarded a basket of Mother’s Day or Father’s Day goodies, spa days, or a vacation.

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