Tactics to help build your credibility and following

Anyone can have a social media presence, but it takes both time and effort to build a following and a strong social influence. Having strong social influence begins with creating quality content and increasing your followers’ level of engagement. This is an ongoing process, and it requires daily attention, constant nurturing, and meaningful interactions with your followers, which will help you create real, valuable relationships with them.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you start building your social influence:

Discover what you’re good at and promote it

Start by finding an area that you are knowledgeable in or an area that you are extremely passionate about. The area you choose to post about can range from a variety of topics, from beauty to travel to food. Building an influence and a loyal following is all about establishing yourself as an expert in a specialized area so that people can eventually trust you and seek out your opinions on that particular subject.

Focus on quality over quantity

Instead of publishing a large number of posts, concentrate on amazing your followers with your content all the time. You can work on publishing more content later, but when you’re just starting to work and build up a following, it is important to produce quality content to attract an audience first. The most successful influencers never publish posts carelessly because they don’t have the time to perfect it. They always take the time to post great content so that it is both insightful and well-executed.

Pay attention to what’s working and what’s not

Pay attention to the type of content your followers are engaging with. If they are sharing, liking, and commenting on a particular post more than another post, they are probably more interested in the post they are engaging with. Use this to gauge your followers’ interests and produce more content in that area of interest to build up your following.

Be personable

Don’t get caught up in creating an image of the perfect influencer, where you’re only posting about your achievements and successes. Try posting about your missteps, failures, and vulnerabilities too, and how you learned and grew from them. These are the type of things that your followers can learn from, resonate with, and respond to. Let people get to know you, imperfections and all — it’ll make you more approachable, and it will contribute to your success.

Engage with your followers

Your followers may be interested in the content that you create, but it is also important that you reciprocate by connecting with them to build relationships. This will help you gain a loyal following. You can achieve this by responding to comments they leave on your social media page and by leaving comments on their social media pages too, which will help you connect with your followers on a deeper level.

Remember to be patient, work hard, and strategize. Becoming an influencer is not something that happens overnight, but if you carefully cultivate and focus on the quality of your content and improve your engagement levels, you can be successful in building up a following and social influence.

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