Meet Dan, the cliff diver and videographer behind Adventureman Dan

Meet Dan, the cliff diver and videographer behind Adventureman Dan. Dan’s enthusiasm and passion for adventure resonated with us, and we were delighted to learn more about what inspires his thrilling adventures. Let’s learn more about him!

Tell us a bit about yourself. What is life like as an Adventure Athlete in Honolulu?

My name is Dan Worden and I’m an ‘Adventure Athlete’ based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. After finishing my career at the NCAA Division 1 level on both the swimming team and diving team, I began looking for challenges outside of the traditional structure of competitive athletics. My athletic background has allowed me to explore places that few people have been to before, and create content that most people can only imagine. Living in Hawaii is the perfect place because of the diverse landscape, from the mountain peaks, to waterfalls and jungle, to the clear ocean water, Hawaii has fueled my love for adventure.

What inspires your adventures?

My adventures are inspired by my desire to create moments that become memories. Taking photos is fun, and I would do it even without social media platforms or to create content as a job. I like to do things that other people can’t, or get to places other people won’t, and I like to have the memories of those adventures saved so that I can look back and remember them as vividly as when I was actually in the moment.

What is your all-time favorite adventure shot and why?

My all time favorite shot… that’s an incredibly hard question, because each photo is a memory to me. I’d have to say some of the short video edits that we have put together are my favorite, but I almost feel like that’s cheating because it encompasses multiple moments and reminds me of whole trips rather than just a single moment.

How do you like working with has been awesome to work with so far. Very simple to set up a profile, and fairly straight forward when communicating between brands. I’ve worked with a lot of brands in the past where it’s hard or takes a lot of time to get compensated after completing a job, so I like that the funds are withheld immodestly and available after you confirm that you completed the job. Also great is to be able to look at reviews and see what other influencer’s experiences were like working with a brand before you accept an offer.

What do you aim to provide your followers when you post content on your social media?

Posting to my social media has always been about sharing moments that I experience with others. I love being able to go out and create something that amazes people, and I hope that my adventures inspire people to go out and have their own. To clarify, I don’t think people should go out and do exactly what I do, everyone has limits, including me! But through training and preparation, you can increase your personal limits, so I hope that by pushing my comfort zone it inspires people to try something new in their own lives.

Do you have any special talents?

I like to cliff dive. I don’t know if that counts as a special talent, but it’s something not everyone does so I’m gonna count it.


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