When you’re planning influencer marketing campaigns, one of the first things you need to do is to contact influencers. It sounds simple, but if you don’t know their email addresses, you could end up lost in the endless list of Instagram DMs that they get on a daily basis. 

Email is a professional and effective way to get in touch with influencers, but it’s not always easy to find their email addresses.

But don’t worry! In this article, we’ll be covering how to find email addresses on Instagram, so that you can easily get in touch with as many influencers as you need to. 

Before we start – a quick note about finding email addresses on Instagram: 

If you’re looking to use the email addresses for advertising purposes, be sure to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when finding and sending emails to influencers. 

Let’s jump in!

How to find email addresses on Instagram 

If you’re just looking for a handful of email addresses, the process is pretty simple. Here’s what you need to do.

On the Instagram mobile app  

Step 1: Go directly to an influencer’s Instagram profile.

Step 2: Beneath the influencer’s bio, look for an “Email” button next to the “Follow” and “Message” buttons.

Find the "Email" button underneath the influencer's bio

Step 3: If the “Email” button is there, tap it and fire off your email.

If there’s no “Email” button, check the bio to see if the influencer might’ve listed it there. 

On Instagram desktop 

Emails aren’t available on Instagram desktop unless influencers have it in their bios.

If you need to find an email address on Instagram, it’s best to use the mobile app or download Instagram’s app from the Microsoft store.

Two scalable ways to find Instagram emails 

If you’re planning to email influencers on a larger scale, you’re going to need an email scraping tool to do most of the leg work for you. When it comes to scrapers, you have a couple of options. 

Use a tool like Phantombuster

Phantombuster is a useful tool if you’re looking to really hone your Instagram marketing efforts. It has a range of browser extensions, like Instagram follower collector and Instagram profile scraper. 

Phantombuster’s Instagram profile scraper is an extraction tool that auto-extracts profile data from lists of Instagram accounts. That means you can use it to gather thousands of emails from Instagram, without having to do any of the work yourself. 

Phantombuster is pretty easy to set up. You can also enjoy a 14-day free trial. Here’s what you need to do: 

Step 1: Sign up for a free trial.

Step 2: Connect the profile scraper to your Instagram account. 

Connect your Instagram account

Step 3: Add a list of Instagram accounts you want to scrape. If you don’t already have a list, you can use one of Phantombuster’s other tools to create one. 

Add list of Instagram accounts

Step 4: Set the number of profiles you want to scrape per launch. Phantombuster doesn’t recommend scraping more than 100 profiles per session. Doing so can cause your account to be suspended or deactivated. 

Set scrape limit

Step 5: Decide whether to launch scraping sessions manually or automatically. You can also choose to set up notifications if you’d like to.

Decide on launching manually or automatically

Step 6: Start scraping!

Note that Phantombuster uses your Instagram account to scrape email addresses. So be sure to follow any guidelines they provide in terms of scraping limits to avoid any issues with your account. 

Build your own scraper 

If you don’t want to use Phantombuster, you always have the option of building your own scraper. Essentially, you’d be building a tool to function the way Phantombuster does. 

There are some advantages of building your own tool. You can customize it to suit your business needs. You can also scrape emails from places other than the profile, like comment sections or stories. 

Some people have done this. But we don’t recommend it as a way to go about gathering Instagram emails as there are a few drawbacks. 

First off, you’d need a lot of technical knowledge to build something as effective as the tools that are already available. If you don’t have this, then you’d need to pay someone to build it for you. This can get quite expensive. 

Secondly, and more importantly, building your own tool breaks Instagram’s Terms of Service. It can land you in hot water if you try to scrape profile data automatically.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Finding Instagram emails doesn’t have to be a drag. It can be quick, easy, and automated. 

We hope the information in the article can help you supercharge your Instagram marketing campaigns. Check out our blog for more tips and guides about influencer marketing strategy.

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