Maximize the value of your influencer marketing campaign

One of the biggest benefits of working with influencers is the authentic content that’s generated about a brand in an influencer marketing campaign.

Brands can pump up their content strategies by curating the content that’s generated from an influencer marketing campaign and repurposing it to share with a new target audience. Influencers provide brands with creative content that’s tailored to their audience. In turn, brands can reuse, repurpose, and redistribute the influencer-generated content to enrich their content channels, such as Instagram and Facebook, or share it in paid advertising channels, through Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram ads.

Why should a brand repurpose influencer-generated content?

There are many upsides to repurposing influencer-generated content to share on social media or paid advertising channels. Here are several key benefits:

Insights from user-tested content

The content generated in a brand’s influencer marketing campaign has already been user-tested. The results of the campaign reveal what content was successful in eliciting a response from the brand’s key audience, as well as the type of response they had towards the branded content. This provides brands with valuable insights into what content they should reuse to attract their key audience, and they can use that information to tailor their campaigns towards particular segments of their audience that have responded well to the content.

Cost-effective way to produce content

Influencer marketing is a cost-effective way to generate quality content. Influencers have the expert knowledge of the types of content that will keep their followers interested, and the types that won’t — they would lose their followers if they posted sub-par content. By utilizing influencer marketing, marketers can access authentic, quality content, without paying professional studios costly fees. In fact, according to a recent survey, 26% of the marketers interviewed spend between $1,000-$5,000 for professionally produced photos, 2.2x more than influencer-produced photos, while 45% spend over $5,000 for professionally produced videos, 2.7x more than influencer-produced videos.1

4 ways to repurpose influencer content:

Repost influencer content on social media channels

When influencers create content for a collaboration, they take the time needed to craft stunning content that features a brand creatively. Brands should amplify the content created in their influencer marketing campaigns by reposting it on their social media channels. By reposting influencer content, brands will be able to reach and engage a new audience, while ensuring they maximize the ROI from each piece of content. Additionally, reposting influencer content will show influencers that the brands they collaborated with were thrilled with the work they’ve done for the campaign.

Boost influencer content in paid social media ads

In a world where consumers are constantly inundated with advertisements, authentic content will be key to grabbing consumer attention. Brands can leverage user-tested, authentic content created in their influencer marketing campaigns by selecting the most successful content and redistributing it across multiple social media platforms. Because the content has already been tried and tested, it would be effective for brands to use their influencer marketing campaign results to target an audience they know have responded well to their branded content.

Use influencer content on webpages and email campaigns

Brands can reuse their favorite pieces of content from their influencer marketing campaigns on their websites and email campaigns. They can do this by showcasing influencer content in a section of their website or in a newsletter, and consumers will be able to see how the brands’ products are used in a personal, authentic environment, rather than a staged one. Authentic content can resonate better with consumers, and will help brands build trustworthy brand-consumer relationships.

Gain more user-generated content

When brands reuse influencer-generated content on social media, they can also encourage their audience to share personal photos and videos of their product. This way, brands will have access to additional authentic content from genuine consumers that they can repurpose and share on their social media channels and ads, or feature on webpages and email campaigns. By doing this, brands will also be able to engage their audience while extending their reach.

Remember: Ask permissions

Before reusing and redistributing influencer-generated content, brands should request permissions from the influencers before the campaign begins. When influencer content is being reused, it’s important that brands give them proper credit, so the influencers can receive recognition for the work they’ve done. Brands can give recognition by displaying the influencers’ names or Instagram handles along with the content that’s being reused. By doing this, brands will also strengthen their relationships with the influencers they collaborate with. is an influencer marketing platform that connects brands with influencers across the globe. Ready to launch a campaign? Schedule a call today!

1: Linqia, 2017


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