When brands work with creators to publish Instagram Stories, they want to publish interactive, authentic content that will engage potential consumers and drive sales. To do this, you’ll need to create Stories that are fun for your audience.

Why do brands want Instagram Stories?

They want to share authentic experiences

Stories can capture behind the scenes content in a genuine way. Posts are typically edited to fit a certain aesthetic. Stories, however, are unedited, so you’d be able to feature products in a less scripted way. This will help your content appear more credible to your audience and brands’ potential consumers.

Pro Tip: While your followers may enjoy engaging with your polished posts in their newsfeed, they want to see raw, off-the-cuff content too. When you create Stories, be sure to speak with your audience about a brand’s product in a way that feels most natural to you — it’ll resonate better with them.

They want to create interactive experiences 

Stories can help brands connect with potential consumers in a way that isn’t available with regular posts. Users engage with posts by commenting or liking them. With Stories, users can engage in more interactive ways, which will help brands develop a personal connection with them.

Pro Tip: Add Stickers to your Stories to encourage your audience to interact with your sponsored messages. You can include Polls, Emoji Sliders, and Questions to help brands gather feedback on their products and drive more engagement in your brand collaborations.

They want to drive sales

For many brands, generating sales is their campaigns’ primary objective. With the Swipe Up link feature, you’ll make it easier for them to drive traffic to their website and ultimately increase sales.

Pro Tip: If you have a minimum of 10,000 followers and a Business account, you’ll have access to the Swipe Up link feature. Help brands achieve their campaign goals by adding a Swipe Up link to your Stories.

They want to reach an audience

When brands collaborate with you, they want you to distribute sponsored content to a relevant audience. You can help them reach more people by using hashtags and geotags, as many of you already do, to boost your Stories’ discoverability and amplify your distribution.

Pro Tip: When you geotag sponsored Stories with a city, they may pop up when users search for that city on Instagram. This occurs because Instagram aggregates Stories that are tagged with a location to create Stories for cities around the world.

They want to reshare your content

For brands, one benefit of influencer marketing is the content that’s produced in campaigns. As content experts, you have the ability to create high-quality, creative content outside of a studio environment, and brands may want to reuse that content on their social media channels, emails, and website to create a buzz and engage their audience.

Pro tip: To simplify the resharing process for brands, tag the brands you collaborate with in your Stories, so they’ll be able to reshare the content easily in their Stories reel.


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