We’ve previously shared suggestions on how you could succeed in your collaborations with food and drink, beauty, apparel, and tech brands on our blog. In this article, we’re exploring additional ways you can succeed in your collaborations with restaurants, cosmetics, NGOs, and interior brands!

With these types of collaborations, it’s important that you’re familiar with the brands you work with so you can be a true ambassador for them. For example, with NGOs, most organizations search for creators who are already passionate and knowledgeable about their cause. Their connection to the NGOs will help them spread branded messages in a more authentic way.

Collaborations with restaurants

Collaborations with restaurants are a fun way to become involved with local hangouts in your community! For these types of collaborations, focus on the taste of the food and your overall experience with the location and service. You can create content where you’re:

  • Celebrating a special occasion
  • Sharing a meal with your family or friends
  • Attend a special event hosted by the brand
  • Sampling a new dish and sharing your reaction
  • Enjoying takeout while being cozy at home


Pro Tip: Restaurants often have dim lighting, so consider taking additional lighting equipment with you!

Collaborations with cosmetic brands

Cosmetics brands are eager to collaborate with you because they want to spread the word about how their products can help you feel your best! So focus on the finer details of their products, like the scent and texture, and share any benefits you notice from using their product. You can create content by:

  • Sharing your first reactions of the product
  • Packing the product in your travel bag
  • Capturing yourself applying the product
  • Photographing yourself enjoying the product in a cozy spot
  • Having a DIY spa night at home


Pro Tip: Capture before-and-after content of yourself so your followers can see any improvements you’ve had since using the products.

Collaborations with NGOs

Collaborations with NGOs (charities) are a great way to support your favorite causes and connect with your followers on a deeper level. NGOs cover a wide range of topics, such as the environment, social services, animal rights, and gender equality, so it’s crucial that you choose to work with causes that are most important to you. In these types of partnerships, focus on why you chose to collaborate with a particular NGO and why they need help. You can capture your story by:

  • Sharing a photo of yourself volunteering for an organization
  • Picking up trash on the beach or your favorite nature trail
  • Photographing someone you know who has contributed a lot to the NGO
  • Attending events hosted by the NGO
  • Taking a reusable cup to your local coffee shop


Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to get personal with your caption! Sharing a personal story about why you find the NGO impactful is a great way to connect with your followers and inspire them to also contribute.

Collaborations with interior brands

Interior brand collaborations can be exciting because you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your decor and styling creativity! You’ll have the chance to capture content for this type of collaboration in stores or in your own home. Interior brands often want you to style their products to provide your audience inspiration. To do this, you can try:

  • Setting a table for a festive occasion using their products
  • Documenting your shopping journey
  • Styling the new product alongside your existing decor
  • Highlighting the different ways the product can be styled in different rooms
  • Showing how to DIY a product to add your own special touch


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Pro Tip: Interior brands often have specific products they’d like you to highlight in your content. Be sure to carefully read the campaign brief or clarify any details beforehand. This is to ensure the product works well with your decor!

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