With New Year resolutions beginning to fade, we’ve picked some of the top fitness creators from the UK to provide some active motivation! We found the fitness creators by searching through our platform, our database of 20 million creators, and blogs.

If your discipline is failing and you need some encouragement, or if you’re a brand looking for the best fitness creators, this list will help you get started.

Here are our top 25 fitness creators from the UK, in no particular order:

1. @carlyrowena With a new baby, it can be tough to fit in exercise, but Carly shows that it’s possible while advocating for body positivity!

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B U R N 🔥 I might not have the abs i used to have but if i’m honest i feel like my core is stronger than ever before and i can feel those baby abs doing all they can to shine through! Here are three of my favourite bodyweight movements to put your core to the test! Workout: beginners 20 seconds / Intermediate 30 – 40seconds and Advanced 60 seconds, 3 rounds total. 1️⃣ Reverse Plank with Knee Tuck, 2️⃣ Single Leg Bridge Raise with Knee Raise, 3️⃣ Single leg Raises. This workout is harder than it looks and form is more important than reps so before beginning make sure you tilt your hips under so that the arch of your back is as fat to the ground as comfortable. This workout is not suitable during pregnancy or until you have had the all clear from your GP postpartum or if you have no coning / diastasis. Im so excited to film some CrossFit inspired workouts for you hands up if you’d like that? . . #absworkout #fitnessmotivation #postpartum #mumworkout #coreworkout

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2. @sarahhighfield – Sarah is a London-based yoga instructor who posts her impressive yoga techniques. She also tempts us with pictures of mouth-watering food and gorgeous dogs.

3. @naturallystefanie – Stefanie fills her follower’s feed delicious vegan food and fitness regimes!

4. @adamhusler – Adam is an alignment focused Vinyasa yoga teacher who makes ordinary places look extraordinary with his complex yoga holds.

5. @gingerfitspo* – Looking for a mix of lifestyle and fitness? Follow the lovely Chloë for an engaging mix of content that will inspire you to get active.

6. @benkealy – Ben is an Irish filmmaker who dabbles in an array of sports – from skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking to surfing, rugby, and paddle-boarding. He’s trying it all and sharing it too.

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The last 48 hours has been crazy to say the least. Definitely one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The alps never disappoints! 🏔 📸: @codywanner

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7. @imogencotter – An up and coming cyclist, Imogen is encouraging her followers by sharing her honest (and gruelling) cycling regimes on Instagram.

8. @steffywhiteyoga – Trained in India, Steffy is now living and teaching in London. She founded White Light Yoga and creates gorgeous content involving yoga poses, life moments, and girl power.

9. @georgiespurling* Georgie encourages her followers to get fit at home by posting great work out content from her own living room!

10. @roblipsettRob has not only taken the fitness world by storm, but has become one of Ireland’s most well-known creators.

11. @tobycigar* – A three time Ninja Warrior finalist, Toby creates thrilling parkour videos that will have your heart in your mouth.

12. @lucycsurf If you’re looking for surfing inspiration, then take a look at Lucy‘s Instagram. Her page is full of idyllic and refreshing content.

13. @maikenfAlthough Maiken is UK based, she creates content in the most beautiful places around the world. Maiken posts a great mix of exercise on her Instagram, including yoga, aerial fitness, and boxing.

14. @shredbundy Hailing from the UK, Joe is a fitness fanatic who shows off his work out abilities through Instagram.

15. @a_body_forever_pilates* Aussie born, Amy is based in London and exclusively posts work out content showing her impressive pilates skills!

16. @rix.officialRix is an exercise wizard who focuses on strength, mobility, martial arts, yoga, and meditation!

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|| HOLDING IT IN THE HIPS || There’s good reason that emotions start flying when we work into the hips through our yoga practice. Postures like pigeon, shoelace, frog, lizard, baddha konasana (and many more) are tapping into the lower parts of our energetic system, our lower two chakras, plus the third if you add a forward fold into the mix, which we often do when working hip opening postures. Below is a basic outline of a few things that are linked to these three chakras, as you might then be able to make the connection in your own body and emotions. 1️⃣❤️ Muladara: Our root chakra is what connects us to Earth, keeping us grounded and stable. It’s role is to give us the basics we need to survive, so when it’s balanced we feel secure in all aspects of life including financial and emotional situations. Spending time in nature is a really great way to balance your root chakra. 2️⃣🧡 Svadhisthana: The sacral chakra is our home of pleasurable activities, the creative life force that allows us to enjoy being. It’s a common mistake to assume that the sacral chakra just relates to sex and relationships and although it does, that’s not all it’s about. It’s more to do with doing the things that make YOU happy… which for a lot of us, that might be having sex with your loved one! But it will most definitely be other things too. 3️⃣💛 Manipura: We’re all about personal power up in the Manipura chakra. This is where we create our self-confidence, authenticity and identity. When we say “I just have a ‘gut’ feeling about this” in a situation, it all relates back to our solar plexus and knowing what feels right for us. When we are balanced in this chakra, we are connected to our own wisdom and personal truth… some even call it the warrior chakra, as it makes us feel powerful. Just be sure to use that power wisely and kindly. #catmeffanyoga 📷: @jkovi

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18. @tashi_skervinclarke Tashi is a running queen who encourages her followers to catch the running bug!

19. @mageesy An Irish native, Chris creates content to show how he practices strength and stability in his yoga holds.

20. @minaclimbing An avid climber, Mina encompasses not only power but agility in her climbing posts.

21. @maeve_madden A woman of many talents, Maeve shares her passion for health and fitness with her Instagram followers with educating posts about IBS and PCOS.

22. @zannavandijk Zanna is a believer in caring for all things body, mind, and planet. She has a great mix of both lifestyle and active content on her account.

23. @deanfreediver* – Dean is a professional freediver who shares unique moments from an underwater perspective.

24. @aliceliveing Not only is Alice one of the UK’s fitness gurus, she’s also a Women’s Aid ambassador and a 3x best selling author. Her posts advocate for strength – both physically and mentally.

25. @hazel_findlay Hazel is a professional climber and wanderer. She has an eye for capturing beautiful moments as she travels.


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