Video is a powerful communication tool.

Brands are investing more and more money into it every year, and for good reason. By 2021, it’s predicted that 80% of internet traffic will be dominated by video. It’s also an effective way for users to remember your branded message. In fact, viewers will retain 95% of a message on video compared to 10% when the message is read.

If you haven’t included videos in your digital marketing strategy yet, you should give it a try! You can launch influencer marketing collaborations with creative vloggers and creators to produce enticing video content. You can then maximize your ROI by reusing the videos they create in paid ads, social media, and more!

Why should you use creators and vloggers to produce videos?

Here are 4 key reasons for collaborating with creators and vloggers:

  1. Captivating content

    In order for videos to capture an audience’s attention, they must be stunning and alluring. That’s where creators and vloggers can step in. They’re content experts and storytellers — they’re capable of creating videos that arouse interest. Creators will be able to find a way to market your brand in an entertaining way, while staying true to their unique styles.

  2. Quality content

    Plus, creators are capable of producing high-quality, professional-like video content. After all, they would quickly lose followers if they had video with bad audio and lighting! Quality creator videos would be simple for you to repurpose and reuse on your social media channels and more!

  3. Visibility and recognition

    Creators can boost your brand’s visibility and recognition. When creators show themselves using your products, it’ll help you reach a relevant audience that may not know about your brand.

  4. Trust

    Creators have authority in different niches and topics, such as fitness or beauty. Their expertise make them trusted resources their viewers can turn to when they look for advice.

Types of creator videos

Creators can help you create many different types of videos, such as:

  • Tutorial videos

    Creators can produce tutorial videos to share a step-by-step process of a routine or activity with their followers. They can feature a wide variety of different products, like makeup, recipes, clothing, and more, in their videos. The creators can teach their audience how to use the products and highlight several of their key benefits. In order to replicate their routine or activity, consumers will likely purchase the products shown in the video.

  • Product review videos

    Trusted reviews help consumers make purchasing decisions. Most consumers search for reviews online before they commit to buying anything. Product review videos usually demonstrate how products work, and creators will share their honest feedback about the products. Brands can utilize product reviews by sending products to creators to test, and they can create a video that is capable of giving the products credibility.

  • Haul videos

    To create haul videos, brands should give creators an opportunity to select a range of products from their store or online website to feature in their videos. The creators can showcase and discuss each item they’ve chosen. In haul videos, creators typically highlight different factors that consumers are often concerned about, such as the price, sizing, or quality of a brand’s products.

  • Unboxing videos

    For unboxing videos, brands can send creators their upcoming, highly-anticipated products for them to open on video. These types of videos are great at capturing the excitement around unwrapping new products and generating interest in the featured products.

  • Vlogs

    Vloggers have developed deep connections with their subscribers because of the authentic format of vlogs. They often share everyday thoughts and personal experiences with their audience. Many people subscribe to their channel because they can relate to the creators’ lifestyles. This makes it easy for them to promote different activities, recommendations, and lifestyle tips to give their subscribers ideas they can integrate into their own lives.

5 ways to repurpose creator-generated videos

To maximize your reach and engagement and increase the value of your influencer marketing collaborations, you can repurpose the videos generated by creators by:

  1. Reposting the videos on your social media channels, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  2. Incorporating them into your ads.
  3. Adding it to a section of your website.
  4. Transcribing the video into a blog post.
  5. Quoting the creator on a testimonial page.

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