Since launching in 2010, Instagram has reached a milestone of attracting one billion users to its platform, and they’re continuing to expand their features. They’ve now launched a new addition on Instagram: a video app called Instagram TV (IGTV). It’s a platform where users can create their own channels and upload videos up to 60 minutes in length, which takes aim at rival Youtube.

While we’re uncertain about whether IGTV will have a similar upward trajectory as Instagram Stories, it does create exciting opportunities for brand-creator collaborations, as there’s now a new way for sponsored content to be created and shared.

The lowdown: What’s IGTV?

Here are several key features:

  • IGTV is built with the mobile in mind, so videos are fullscreen and vertical. That means there’s no need to rotate your phone!
  • Video posts on Instagram are currently limited to a minute — they can now be up to a hour long on IGTV.
  • Anyone can create channels to publish content.
  • Videos start playing automatically once the app is in use.
  • You can like and comment on videos, or share them with friends.
  • Videos are in a MP4 file format.
  • IGTV does not currently show ads to its users, though this could be added in the future.

IGTV can be accessed in the Instagram app or by downloading the IGTV app.

What does this mean for brands?

Brands can now have creator-generated content 3 different ways on Instagram: through posts (images + videos), Instagram stories, or videos via IGTV. By collaborating with creators on IGTV, brands will be able to take advantage of long-form videos by encouraging creators to create cooking demonstrations, make up tutorials, travel guides, product reviews, interviews/Q&As, and more — the possibilities are endless!

What does this mean for creators?

Creators will no longer be restricted by a 1 minute parameter when posting videos on Instagram. They can also avoid publishing longer Instagram Stories that need to be uploaded in smaller, 15-second increments. Creators will now be able to freely create longer unpolished, raw video content on IGTV, which allows them to engage with their followers at a deeper and more genuine level.

Additionally, brands who want longer product reviews or tutorials may require creators to post on both Youtube and Instagram. With IGTV, creators now have the possibility of curating all content — images and videos — on a single platform. is an influencer marketing platform that connects brands with creators across the globe. Ready to launch a campaign? Schedule a call today!

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