It’s the end of a decade. has been live for four years, but it might as well have been a decade. A lot has happened since we launched, and 2019 has been no exception! As we begin 2020, let’s take a look back at some of our biggest moments in 2019.

Standout collaborations

We’ve had many standout collaborations this year! Brands like Vespa, Thai Airways, Stadium, Warner Music, Clas Ohlson, Telenor, Boots, Odeon, Optimal Print, Penta Hotels, Fazer, Nille, eos, Nestlé, and Orkla, to mention a few, have all done creator collaborations that have generated impressive results and stellar content. 

One of our personal favorites is a campaign for Komp (No Isolation), which is a one-button communication device for seniors. In the campaign, creators gave a Komp to senior family members and created heart-warming content about their experience.

Check out our influencer marketing case studies.

Introducing our mobile app

With more than 10,000 creators actively using our platform, it’s important to us that our platform remains easy to use. Most content creators work on the go, so we introduced an app this year to accommodate that need. The app was developed in collaboration with some of our super-users, and we’ll continue introducing new features this year!

Download our app here.


Last year, we were nominated as finalists in the Startup of the Year category at the Nordic Startup Awards, and Marie won Founder of the Year in Norway. We were also selected as a finalist for Best Influencer Marketing Platform in Digiday’s Digital Marketing and Advertising Awards for our campaign with bbhugme!

Influencer marketing is growing rapidly and we’ve experienced an increased interest from media. This year, we’ve been interviewed on BBC World News, as well as the radio show, BBC Today, where we were invited to talk about influencer marketing and 

We’ve also had the opportunity to talk about some of the challenges in our industry, like computer generated influencers (Business Insider), the impact of removing “Likes” on Instagram (Insider), and social media’s impact on mental health (Forbes).


As a part of our mission to bring structure and transparency into the influencer marketing space, we’re continuously offering content with tips, insights and inspiration. 

This year, we held several webinars tailored to marketers working with influencer marketing, organized a panel event for creators, and published blog posts, a whitepaper, and industry reports. Here are some highlights:

Expanding the team

We doubled our team again, and we’re now a family of 30 from 10 different countries.

Foto: Kai Chen / Chen Photography

This year, we welcomed:

– Customer Success: Emilia Borgmästars (Finland), Migle Labeikyte (Lithuania), Alexandra Grow (USA), Maren-Ronja Bjaanes (Norway)

– Sales: Knut Anders Thorset (Norway), Hedda Hallberg (Norway), Amanda Schjøtt (Norway), Marie Nordli-Mathisen (Norway)

– Admin: Eirik Sønstebø (Norway)

– Product: Arturs Lokastovs (Latvia), Sandijs Liepins (Latvia), Eugene Kurasov (Ukraine)

– Growth: Ryan Watson (UK), Georgia Carstens (South Africa), Andrea Bolsøy (Norway), Francesca Salmon (UK)

Team bonding activities

We had several team bonding events over the past year. The biggest highlight was Team Week, where all our remote team members flew into Oslo to meet, learn, and bond with each other. There were fun activities during the week: an escape room, improv workshop, dinner, mini golf, and more! 

We also had a great time at our Christmas dinner, or julebord. The team was surprised with a Christmas tree, and spent time decorating it together. We had an advent calendar leading up to Christmas Day and the team opened presents ranging from exciting spices to chocolates. 

Foto: Kai Chen / Chen Photography

With 2019 behind us, we wanted to thank everyone for joining us on our journey. We’re looking forward to what we’ll achieve with you as we enter this next decade!

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