Collaborations with entertainment, services, and telco brands can be challenging because they don’t typically offer a product you can capture. To help you with this challenge, it’s important to choose the right setting to make your content really pop! With a little creativity, these types of collaborations can be both fun and informative for your followers.

Collaborations with entertainment brands

Entertainment brands often want you to focus on new releases! Record labels will want you to feature a song or album in your content. To include an audible song in the background of your post requires a little creativity, so be sure to incorporate the song naturally into your content. Movie collaborations may also require some out of the box thinking because you won’t be able to legally show the film. In these types of collaborations, you can show yourself:

  • Going on a run with your playlist
  • Listening to music with your friends at a party
  • Talking about your favorite part of a movie
  • Picking out your favorite movie snack
  • Dressing up as a character from the film


Pro Tip: Be sure to test your content’s audio quality before you publish your post! Often times, mobile phones are unable to pick up sound well if it’s playing too softly in the background.

Collaborations with services

Service brands often want you to feature services, like food subscription boxes or delivery services, which have been created to help ease day-to-day tasks. In these types of partnerships, be sure to focus on how the service has benefited or excited you! Service collaborations can also be a great way to get more involved with subscriptions that you already use and love daily. You can do this by:

  • Showing how a brand’s services have helped you
  • Capturing yourself receiving the delivery of your product
  • Sharing your favorite part of the service
  • Gifting a loved one the service
  • Creating an unboxing video


Pro Tip: Write a personal caption to share your experience with a brand’s service so your audience understands its benefits. You should also include a link to the brand’s webpage in your bio so your audience can learn more about the service and easily sign up!

Collaborations with telco brands

Collaborations with teleco companies are exciting because there are so many opportunities to capture content throughout your day. These companies are eager to collaborate with you because you’re capable of reviewing their mobile services as a user and humanize their brand. You can highlight the brand’s services by capturing yourself on the move. You can create content by:

  • Using your data plan to play your favorite app game
  • Listening to music while working out
  • Capturing yourself calling your loved ones
  • Enjoying mother nature while utilizing the brand’s services
  • Enjoying a cozy day inside with your phone


Pro Tip: Partnerships with telco companies can be fun for your followers because they often offer great deals on their mobile phone plans. Be sure to include the discount in your caption or bio!


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