Meet Javi, a lifestyle, fashion, and travel influencer from Spain

Meet Javi, a lifestyle, fashion, and travel blogger from Spain. Javi recently completed several collaborations on with SWIMS and Harper & Brooks, and we absolutely loved the photos he delivered. He has a knack for posting colorful, stylish photos on Instagram, and his blog is filled with travel experiences and tips that are meant to inspire others to see the world.

Let’s learn more about Javi!

Tell us a bit about yourself. What is life like in Spain?

Spain, and more specifically Malaga, is my reference point, but I, together with my partner Nadia, have been traveling around the world frequently since 2002. We have visited more than 30 countries (including many cities) and lived in 5 of them (New York, London, Paris, Pisa, Lille). Both of us have PhDs and work at University. Although we only began the blog in June 2015, we are both very experienced travelers with open minds and social skills.

What has influenced and shaped you as an influencer?

Our blog, Travel the Life, is a modern concept visual blog, which combines useful information about travels (as the traditional travel blogs do) with attractive graphical content (as the lifestyle influencers do nowadays). We post visual material to try and provoke a desire, within our followers, to experience the things we show in our posts, and we explain how to carry out what they are looking for. For example, we publish and promote different clothes or products in our travels or experiences in our everyday life.

What or who inspires your fashion style?

I have my own personality from childhood, and I’m always checking the fashion at the moment, but I like to give it my own final touch. Some people are currently publishing great work in fashion on social media, for example: iamgalla, marianodivaio, or magic_fox. I think people need to be inspired in some way, but also from my point of view, it is important for people to show their own personality in fashion too (of course, if you are able to do it).

I see you travel quite a bit! What are your 3 top travel destinations and why?

This is complicated, since there are so many places, cities, and countries that are so wonderful around the world! But my 3-top travel destinations at this moment are Thailand, Cuba, and Iceland (3 of the road trips we have done in the last 3 years, and we enjoyed them a lot).

Did you enjoy your last collaborations on What did you like about them?

I really enjoyed my last collaborations on Firstly, because the platform is very easy to manage (some other platforms can be complicated or do not work very well). Secondly, because the companies that contacted me are very high-quality and very related to my style. And lastly, because it was super to work with those companies, by means of the platform, easy contact by messages, updates when it is required, and so on.

How has being an influencer impacted your life?

When I started sharing my lifestyle and my travels, I did not really think about the possibility of growing in the social networks. What I had in mind (and I have every day) is that I had to do my best. This is another project in my life, and I have always tried to work 100% when I start a new project. Now, I am combining my work at the University (currently, we are moving to an online University) with the travels, events, and so on that is related to this new part of my life, the social world.

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