Learn how Maria grew her audience on Instagram

As a lifestyle influencer, Maria has been able to share her love of nature and passion for fitness with her followers. Her Instagram and blog is filled with vibrant images from her journeys around the world, and she has successfully built a well-engaged audience on social media.

Maria recently completed several campaigns with a diverse set of brands — her collaborations had goals ranging from promoting environmental initiatives to sharing fun, social places around Oslo. We loved the work Maria has done so far, and we wanted to learn more about her inspirations and journey as an influencer.

Let’s meet Maria!

Tell us a bit about yourself. What is life like in Norway?

I am a 26-year-old girl who loves hiking, being outside and traveling. I also love learning new things and hard work, and I am starting my new job as a Business Developer within digitalization and innovation in Norway’s largest bank this autumn.

I see you have a blog! What do you write about? Who or what inspires the stories you tell?

I write about traveling and having an active and positive lifestyle! I think it’s important to combine hard work with traveling, being outside and experiencing new places. It gives me motivation and inspires me to come up with good ideas! I try to share this message through my blog and Instagram. I also love exploring hidden, beautiful places without too many people and I share my experiences from my trips with my followers.

What are the top 3 hikes you’ve done?

1. Måtinden in Andøya is definitely my number one! At the top, you can see beautiful Bleiksøya, an island in the middle of the ocean where a lot of puffins live.
2. Litte Adams Peak in Sri Lanka. We went there early in the morning to see the sunrise! The hike itself is not too long (only about an hour), but the view is truly amazing! A must do if you are in Sri Lanka.
3. Segla in Senja, I love going to Northern Norway, and Andøya and Senja are my favorite places! The nature is amazing and there aren’t too many people there.

Tell us about your favorite collaboration on inzpire.me.

Bymiiljøetaten was my favorite! I have collaborated with them twice, and I was recently asked to collaborate with them once more. The previous collaborations have included writing about different outdoor-places in Oslo, so you can go and experience the nature of Oslo. Since I love being outside in nature, this collaboration was meant to be for me.

How did you grow your audience on Instagram?

First of all, I am consistent with what I post. Second, I always try to share something useful with my audience. For example, I shared my top 9 destinations in Lofoten after my trip there last summer. Lastly, I answer my followers’ questions, and sometimes I have different competitions to create some engagement.

What type of brand collaborations have you had the most success with?

I really like collaborations that include everything from beautiful dresses to running shoes for my morning runs.
I really like the one I have when I am traveling. It feels more natural to post pictures when I am traveling than when I am home.

If you could take 3 things with you to a deserted island, what would they be and why?

My boyfriend, Mats
Water (I drink 4 liters a day!)
My phone

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