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25 Top Travel Bloggers


Reiselykke Travel Blog Blog: reiselykke.comInstagram (5.3k followers): @reiselykke – Facebook (3.8k followers): @reiselykke 

Reiselykke gives tips on how to plan your own travels on an average to high budget. The writer of the blog, Mette Fjeldheim, shares insights based on her personal experiences – whether it’s a fun bar, a good restaurant, an exciting place to stay, or a nice trip in the mountains. She mainly writes for adults who are 30 years old and over. Occasionally, you’ll find some guest writers who also share their unique travel experiences!


Hamacareise Travel Blog

Blog: hamacareise.comInstagram (2.6k followers): @hamacareise – Facebook (1.7k followers): @hamacareise

Ingeborg Lindseth has visited over 70 countries, and she posts about her global adventures on the blog. She has a great passion for photography and loves capturing her experiences with her camera. Asia is her favorite continent, and that’s where she developed her love for travel. Ingeborg loves relaxing in a hammock, so she named her blog Hamaca, which is Spanish for hammock!


Renatesreiser Travel Blog

Blog: renatesreiser.comInstagram (3.4k followers): @renatesreiser – Facebook (1.5k followers): @renatesreiser

Renate has dreamed of travelling around the world since she was a child, and she’s not afraid to take on new challenges. She’s been to over 109 countries, and she doesn’t want to stop traveling until she’s experienced the world. Renate’s done everything, from driving the entire Route 66 to eating hamburgers at an altitude of 5,130m in Bolivia.  


Linnsreise Travel Blog

Blog: linnsreise.noInstagram (1.5k followers): @linns_reise – Facebook (1k followers): @linnsreise

Linn works as a journalist, and she uses her blog to reflect about her travels and inspire Norwegians to travel more. So far, she’s visited 99 countries, and her best travel buddy is her dog, Tussler! Linn’s inspiring content and photos helped get her blog nominated as the year’s travel blog in 2018 at Reiselivsmessen in Oslo.

Det Vonde Liv

detvondeliv Travel Blog

Blog: detvondeliv.noInstagram (1k followers): @detvondeliv 

Gjermund Glesnes, a former travel journalist at VG and Reiselyst magazine, created a blog called Det vonde liv. He covers topics that travel columns rarely highlight by revealing some brutal truths behind well known destinations. In one of his posts, he interviews craftsmen in India and writes about their poor working conditions. He aims to show people that travel is much more than a country’s beaches or sites – he wants to share the struggles locals may face in their daily lives.


Eventurer Travel Blog

Blog: Instagram (1.3k followers): @eventurer_no

Andres Hakstun is the founder of Eventurer, and he uses his blog to encourage others to get out of their comfort zone. He loves experiencing the unknown, such as new cultures, people, food, and smells. His blog is a mixture of personal stories, guides, tips, and other advice to motivate his readers to get out and travel to unique destinations.

I All Verden

iallverden Travel Blog

Blog: iallverden.noInstagram (5.5k followers): @kholmang 

Kjersti lives to travel, and she prefers to visit destinations with exciting nature and wildlife. Instead of traveling to as many countries as possible, she tries to experience as much as she can in a single country. One of her favorite trips was to Svalbard, where she fulfilled a lifelong dream to see polar bears. In 2017, her blog was nominated as the year’s travel blog at Reiselivsmessen. 

Sekk og Sandaler 

Sekkogsandaler Travel Blog

Blog: sekkogsandaler.comInstagram (4.4k followers): @sekkogsandaler 

If you’re looking for ideas on how to plan active holidays, check out sekkogsandaler! Hanne Marit is behind this travel blog and has, among other things, grilled marshmallows on an active volcano in Guatemala, danced samba through the streets of Rio, ziplined in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, fished for piranhas in the jungle in Brazil, and released sea turtles outdoors in Thailand. She’s a restless adventurer who loves sharing her love of music, culture, art, and food.


travelletters Travel Blog

Blog: Instagram (9.6k followers): @travelletters

Couple Steinar and Lena are the bloggers behind Travelletters, and they focus on sharing insights on how you can take your family on trips to big cities and beaches. Steinar and Lena travel with their two teenagers mainly in Europe, and their blog is packed with helpful tips on how you can plan a fun and comfortable journey. Travelletters came in second place for Norway’s best travel blog in 2019 in the Truestory content awards. 


Bilivoka Travel Blog


Full-time employees, Jørn–André og Tora, run the blog bilivoka. They share travel tips and experiences for readers who don’t always have the opportunity to travel whenever they want. The couple has now completed their first trip around the world and visited more than 60 countries. Don’t miss the post about their incredible wedding at Mount Everest’s Base Camp!


Rundtekvator Travel Blog

Blog: rundtekvator.noInstagram (1.9k followers): @rundtekvator

On rundtekvator, readers can learn how a family of 4 travels the world! The blog offers a good dose of nature and activity, and it often features little known destinations. Many of the family’s trips include activities like volunteer work and unique nature experiences. They’ve previously organized fun activities for children living in one of Cape Town’s townships.


Paulinetravels Travel Blog

Blog: Instagram (1.6k followers): @paulinetravels 

Paulinetravels is a blog that focuses on solo travel, and it’s filled with useful travel tips she learned from her experience as a solo traveler.  Pauline completed her first solo travel in 2014, and she continues to create new stories to share on her blog. She wants to show readers how they can travel alone while being safe, smart, and adventurous. Pauline isn’t afraid to be brutally honest – she shares both the upsides and downsides of solo travel!


Favorittreiser Travel Blog


By focusing on great nature experiences and cultural landscapes, Anne Bente´s blog shows how the biggest and best experiences are usually free. She features a number of hiking trails around the world, including coastal and forest trails, summit hikes, and mountain walks. Anne uses her blog posts to emphasize that it’s not about where you travel, but how you feel and what you see when traveling!

Fjords & Beaches 

Fjords & Beaches Travel Blog

Blog: fjordsandbeaches.comInstagram (44.1k followers): @fjordsandbeaches – Facebook (1.7k followers): @fjordsandbeaches –  Twitter (2.6k followers): @FjordsBeaches

Lisa was born and raised by the beautiful fjords of Norway, which influenced the name of her blog: Fjord & Beaches. Her blog is filled with practical travel tips for budget and luxury travelers. On her blog, you’ll find how-tos on booking cheap flights and luxury cruise trips!


Togbloggen Travel Blog

Blog: togbloggen.noInstagram (1k followers): @togbloggen – Facebook (1.7k followers): @togbloggen

Sigrid created her blog for readers who want to travel in an environmentally friendly way. She writes about her experience traveling by rail around the world. She’s one of the many European train enthusiasts who’s trying to make travel by train easier and more appealing by emphasizing how much CO2 emissions we save by choosing trains over planes.

The Travel Inspector 

The travel inspector Travel BlogBlog: thetravelinspector.noInstagram (12k followers): @thetravelinspector – Twitter (2k followers): @oddroarlange

Odd Roar Lange is an experienced, award-winning travel journalist who created the blog thetravelinspector. For many years, he’s worked as a travel journalist for Dagbladet and Aller Media, and has published several travel books. In addition to sharing his travel experiences, Odd also tests and reviews different travel products and services!

Let’s Get Lost

Let's get lost Travel Blog

Blog: – Instagram (20.7k followers): @letsgetlostno – Facebook (4.3k followers): @letsgetlostno – Twitter (5.9k followers): @janicke_hansen

Janicke Hansen is behind the blog, Let’s get lost, and she’s been writing about her travels since 2011. Janicke is an experienced speaker who has lectured on topics such as travel blogging and influencer marketing. In her blog, she focuses on adventure tourism and encourages her readers to be active while connecting with new cultures and landscapes.


Positivista Travel Blog

Blog: – profile: – Instagram (14.3k followers): @positivista – Facebook (1.1k followers): @realpostivista

Merete Gamst’s travel blog is filled with positivity, ideas, and inspiration. She’s worked as a journalist at VG, and now travels around Scandinavia sharing travel tips for food enthusiasts in a TV program called “Langs Matkysten.” On her blog, you’ll find great pictures and tips on the best bars, restaurants, and accommodations in Scandinavia. Since becoming a mom last year, she also blogs about how she travels with a baby!


Globetrotterelisa Travel Blog

Blog: Instagram (3k followers): @globetrotterelisa

Elisabeth runs GlobetrotterElisa, a travel blog that focuses on active travel and nature experiences. She shares different travel activities like hiking, biking, and skiing, and the amazing scenery she captures will make you speechless! In addition to sharing her experiences, Elisabeth also arranges active trips that readers can take with her.


Juliaelizabethblog Travel Blog

Blog: Instagram (4.7k followers): @juliaelizabethblog

Julia Elizabeth is 24 years old and a dual citizen of Canada and Norway. She blogs about her life, from mountain hikes and vegan eats to green tips and travel guides. Julia embarked on a soul-searching journey around the world to reconnect with her Canadian relatives and explore the Pacific Coast. She also rediscovered her Norwegian roots and backpacked through the Iberian Peninsula and the Baltic states. She has a passion for blogging and freelance writing, and has a great interest in ethical tourism and sustainable living.


Happylanding Travel Blog

Blog: Instagram (11.1k followers): @happylandingreise – Facebook (9.9k followers): @happylandingreise

Happy Landing is run by Silje Polmar and Inge Norum. In the past 12 years, they’ve traveled together for 4 months every year. Their travel experiences resulted in a number of blog posts filled with amazing videos and advice for other travel enthusiasts. Happy Landing’s mission is to make unique experiences possible for their readers and show them their special places around the world. 

Tord Kroknes Berg 

Tord Kroknes Berg Travel Blog

Blog: tordkroknesberg.comInstagram (1.8k followers): @tordkroknesberg

Tord Kroknes Berg is a luxury travel blogger who enjoys traveling to big cities, staying in high-class hotels, and heading to exclusive destinations. He gives readers a peek into extravagant travel, and provides reviews on luxury hotels, lounges, and first class trips. 


Reisetid Travel Blog

Blog: reisetid.wordpress.comInstagram (1.5k followers): @bella_maria84) – Facebook (2.3k followers): @reisetid

Maria Ebbestad will take you around the world on her blog, reisetid. She loves visiting big cities, as well as attending new festivals. On her blog, you can learn more about her road trips and her favorite festivals that she recommends attending this summer!


Glimtavverden Travel Blog

Blog: Instagram (1.7k followers): @glimtavverden

Marianne travels to gain insight into how people live in other parts of the world, and she’s always on a lookout for captivating scenery. She often travels to unusual destinations, and she’s particularly fond of nature experiences and charming little cities. Though she has her favorite countries around the globe, she always finds herself returning to Africa.


Borteerbest Travel Blog

Blog: bortebest.noInstagram (9.8k followers): @bortebest_bestabroad – Facebook (5.1k followers): @reisebloggenbortebest 

Inga Ragnhild Holst and Vibeke Montero are professional travel reporters and the main bloggers behind Borteerbest. In their unique column “Drit i det,” they write about classical travel myths and tourist traps. Readers can find tips and fun stories about travel experiences gone wrong on their blog. In 2018, Borteerbest was voted Norway´s best travel blog by Sparpedia.

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