As Halloween quickly approaches, consumers will be searching for inspiration to celebrate the holiday! They’ll be turning to social media for ideas on DIY costumes and makeup, party decorations, spooky recipes, Halloween destinations, and fun pumpkin carving patterns. 

With total spending for Halloween reaching a monstrous $9 billion last year, you should seize the opportunity to collaborate with creative content creators and launch a killer campaign!

5 Halloween Campaign Ideas 

Idea #1: Demonstrate how your clothing or shoes can be used for costumes.

People who create their own costumes for Halloween will be on the lookout for clothing and shoes they can use to complete their look. You can collaborate with Fashion creators and provide them with some items of clothing or a pair of shoes. They’ll be able to put a full costume together, and show their followers how your products would work in the Halloween look.

Pro-tip: Reshare the looks the creators create on Instagram and add shopping links to your products.

Idea #2: Share fun Halloween food & drink recipes.

Many people celebrate Halloween by throwing a party or get together with family, friends, and neighbors. You can collaborate with Food & Drink creators to showcase Halloween-themed food and drinks, which were created using your products. They should share the recipe they created or used, so that their followers can purchase your products, cook up their treats, and serve them at their events. 

Pro-tip: You can collect the recipes created by the creators and add them to a webpage for people to browse for inspiration. 

Idea #3: Showcase ways people can create their own costumes or decor with simple supplies.

DIY projects are popular during Halloween, with many people turning to Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube for ideas on how they can create their own costumes or party decorations. You’ll be able to tap into this trend by partnering up with DIY creators. You can send a product to the creators, and they can unleash their creativity by creating a costume or decorative object with your product as the centerpiece. They can share instructions on how to replicate their costume or decorative object in how-to blog posts, Youtube videos, and Instagram stories.

Pro-tip: Don’t worry if your product doesn’t seem like an obvious fit for Halloween. Creators are really creative, and many of them will be able to incorporate your product into their costumes!

Idea #4: Make scary transformations with makeup products that people can replicate.

Makeup and Halloween go hand-in-hand, so it’s the perfect opportunity for you to work with beauty creators to create unique, scary looks people can replicate! You can release a fun Halloween edition of your products and send them to Beauty creators. They’ll be able to show several makeup looks featuring your special edition products. They can provide step-by-step directions and tutorials, along with a list of the products they use, so that their followers can recreate them. 

Pro-tip: You can reshare one makeup look a day on your social media pages under, for example, a hashtag like #31daysuntilHalloween.

Idea #5: Transform your destination into a haunted house, pumpkin patch, or maze!

People love bringing their families and friends to pumpkin patches, haunted houses, scary movies, mazes, or Halloween-inspired theme parks during the Halloween season! To spread the word about your destination, send a couple creators there to experience it! They can write blog articles or take videos to record their day, which will generate excitement around your destination. 

Pro-tip: This is also a great way to gauge how your customers feel about your Halloween destination. 

Some Considerations to Keep in Mind


If you’re planning on sending creators products for them to use for your collaborations, be sure to take this into account when setting any deadlines. Shipping takes time, and there can be unexpected delays, so be sure to plan ahead! 

Creative Freedom

Granting creative freedom to creators is essential to launching successful collaborations. Creators have the ability to think up creative and unique ideas that their followers will love, so be sure to capitalize on it. 

Content Usage Rights

If you’re planning on reusing the content published in your collaborations, you should add the Content Usage Rights you’d like to have in your brief! On, you’ll be able to select between 4 types: Full Usage Rights, Two-Year Usage Rights, No Usage Rights, or Custom Usage Rights. is an influencer marketing platform that connects brands with creators across the globe. Ready to launch a campaign? Schedule a call today!

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