In recent years, digital marketing has encountered several challenges. It’s becoming harder for marketers to reach consumers because of issues such as a rise in ad blocker use. To break through the noise and amplify the results of your digital marketing strategy effectively, you should implement an influencer marketing strategy as a fixed element.

Cut through the digital noise

Display ads, banner ads, YouTube pre-roll ads — we’ve all come across them online. There are many ways for brands to promote their businesses, but because the internet is filled with ads, consumers are getting harder and harder to reach. This occurs because:

  1. The sheer amount of ads online has caused consumers to become more wary of ads, and they’ve started employing ad blockers to avoid seeing them. Since 2017, 615 million devices have employed adblock, and this number is predicted to rise. By 2020, ad blocking is forecasted to cost advertisers $35 billion.
  2. Facebook is losing young users at a fast pace, with 2 million users under 25 years old predicted to stop in 2018.
  3. Users can easily avoid ads by paying for subscription services like Youtube Premium.

To reach potential consumers, you’ll need a high-volume of authentic, relevant content to capture their attention. This will help you generate brand exposure, drive website traffic, and increase conversions.

The benefits of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is an organic and less intrusive way to capture consumer attention. By integrating influencer marketing into your digital marketing strategy, you’ll be able to improve your ad experience and gain:

Authentic content

Over the years, people’s consumption patterns have changed: their attention spans are getting shorter, with people generally losing concentration after 8 seconds. To attract consumer attention, you’ll need large volumes of high-quality content that are capable of keeping them engaged.

Many brands turn to professional creative studios to produce content, but it’s often taken in staged environments. Consumers will likely perceive them as ‘obvious ads.’ With creators, you’ll access content that’s taken in authentic environments, which will resonate better with an audience. Plus, because they’re content experts, they’ll be able to create high volumes of remarkable, credible content quickly.


When you collaborate with creators who are a good fit for your brand, you’ll reach an audience with a tailored message that will resonate well with them. The content produced by creators will be relevant to their followers, so they’ll likely engage with your brand message, rather than passively consuming it as they would a banner ad. More interactions will increase the chances of them becoming your customer in the future.


Creators are able to build up a large, loyal following because they’re capable of creating engaging content and are often perceived as experts in their categories, such as fashion or interior. By collaborating with them, you’ll be able gain instant exposure for your brand without worrying about sponsored content being filtered out by ad blockers.

Find out more about the benefits of influencer marketing.

How to include influencer marketing in your greater digital marketing strategy this year

Reuse creator-generated content from your campaigns

To meet the demand for content, you should reuse the content generated from your campaign on social media or paid advertising channels to target a new audience. You can do this by:

  1. Reposting content from your influencer marketing campaign on social media.

    By reposting creator content, you’ll be not only be able to maximize your ROI, you’ll also be able to keep your followers substantially engaged with your brand.
  2. Boosting the content using paid ads on social media. 

    You can reuse creator content on your paid ads. Because it’s been user-tested, you already know it’s been successful in generating a positive response from an audience. It’s also more cost-effective. We found in our campaigns that creator content can cost up to 10x less than content produced in studios.
  3. Featuring the content on your webpage or email campaigns.

    By showcasing creator content on your webpage or email campaigns, consumers will be able to see how your products are being used in an authentic environment.
  4. Using creator content to gain more user-generated content.

    When you reuse content on your social media, you can also encourage your followers — genuine consumers — to share photos of your products too. This way, you’ll not only generate more credible content you can reshare, you’ll also engage your followers’ audience.

By reusing creator content, you’ll be able maximize your influencer marketing ROI and optimize distribution. Just remember, when you reuse content, credit the creators and be sure to acquire the appropriate content usage rights! You can learn more about how you can repurpose content effectively here.

Commit to long-term partnerships

Content creation is an ongoing task. To access content frequently throughout the year, you should maintain long-term relationships with creators.

Here’s how you can start maintaining long-term partnerships:

  1. Measure your campaign results

    It’s crucial that you measure the results of every collaboration, so you can determine whether it went well or not.
  2. Rehire creators who have met your goals & objectives

    Creators who receive engagement rates and reach that meet or surpass your goals are likely a great fit for your brand. Rehire them for your next campaign!
  3. Test new creators

    Once you identify which creators have worked well for your campaign, you can search for new creators that will deliver similar great results. By doing this, your campaign results will continue to improve over time.

Read more about the benefits of having long-term partnerships with creators. is an influencer marketing platform that connects brands with creators across the globe. Ready to launch a campaign? Schedule a call today!


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