Meet Amy & Nathan, two newly weds who love travel and adventure

Meet Amy & Nathan, the bloggers behind Two Drifters. Amy and Nathan are based in the United States, but they spend much of their time abroad. Their Instagram is filled with stunning photos of their travels, and they will be sure to spark your sense of wanderlust.

Let’s learn more about them!

Tell us a bit about yourselves. What is life like on the road?

We’re Amy & Nathan, newlyweds who love travel, adventure, and most of all each other. We work online as freelance writers and editors, as well as blogging at Two Drifters. It’s a busy life, but we love it! We travel slowly, spending a few weeks or months in each destination, as this allows us time to explore and get some work done. Life on the road is an endless stream of coffee shops, hiking, and romantic adventures!

What do you aim to provide your followers when you post content on social media?

When posting content on social media, we love to inspire and to move people. Sometimes we share a quote that feels creative or we open up and let our followers know something more personal about us. We aim to be personal and candid, going beyond the typical travel chatter to make a deeper impression on followers.

Did you enjoy your last collaboration on

We really enjoyed our past collaboration on because we got to showcase a brand that supports meaningful causes. It’s always nice to highlight brands who give back.

It seems you both travel quite a bit. Where is your favorite city and why?

We are currently in Brasov, Romania, and it may quickly be becoming our favorite city! It’s absolutely quaint and charming and seeing it decked out for the holidays, snow and all, is breathtaking. We also love Edinburgh, Scotland, where we first met!

How do you choose your next travel destination?

We choose our destinations based on places we’ve been longing to go, as well as options that are logical and affordable. When working online, sometimes the more “budget-friendly” destinations are ideal. And fast-WiFi is generally a must!

What is your best traveling advice?

Our best traveling advice is to put down the phone once in awhile. Disconnect and get out in nature or in a city and reconnect with yourself — or in our case, with your traveling partner!

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